Anti-fog/Anti-staticGel -1 for $14.99 or  4 for $29.99 w/free cloth

Anti-fog/Anti-staticGel -1 for $14.99 or 4 for $29.99 w/free cloth

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1 for $14.99


4 for $29.99 w/ Micro Fiber Towel


Our best seller! This pocket size is an unbeatable anti-fog/cleaner for any surface. Use this one on your goggles, scuba masks, prescriptions, sunglasses, and more! Our gel formula contains a polymer that protects your lens and fills in minor scratches.  It can be used on CD's and DVD's as well.  Like all of our products, our Gel is safe on all lens types.

DIRECTIONS:  Use a fingerprint size of Gel on all glasses or discs. Literally- just use your finger to apply a small amount of gel on the inside and outside of your lenses, let dry, and buff off with a non-abrasive, soft towel. Using our Cloth is recommended, however not required for optimal performance. When using on discs, just cover the underside where the scratch may be. Viola! You are clean for an average of SEVEN DAYS before you'll need to do this again!